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How to take cute baby and toddler photos

Without having a background in modeling, photography, or advertising; the biggest challenge to creating magical kids photos is knowing what the final photograph is supposed to look like. In other words, the average person doesn't see many examples of adorable baby pictures.

Once you actually see a completed picture, it's not too hard to tell a mediocre photo from an outstanding one. For example, I would consider the photo on the left to be an outstanding example of a cute baby picture.
But, the real challenge is to tell whether the photograph is likely or unlikely to be a winner BEFORE we take the shot.
That's the key, because in the beginning of your "baby photography session," it can feel very intimidating. Why? Because we often don't know what we want the final image to look like! Sure, we hope it turns out looking very cute, but do we have an image in our mind of what we want it to look like? Probably not.


The good news regarding photography equipment is that you can start with  basically anything. Whatever camera you have is probably perfectly fine to start taking pictures of babies, children, or anyone else.
Although having external lighting, backdrops, filters, etc. could probably improve any given picture; they are not required or necessary to start with. 
And, in spite of what some camera sales people may tell you in best buy, a more expensive camera is NOT the most important factor in creating spectacular pictures. Knowing what to do with the equipment you have, is.

Posing Your Child 
Whether you approach taking kids pictures in a planned or unplanned manner, you'll probably capture cute baby pictures regardless.

how cute the poses are is determined by what you learn.
There are many factors involved with posing your baby (or any human subject, for that matter). Let's begin with these general tips.
Just remember, cute children pictures don't just happen by accident (well, not all the time anyway).
By keeping the following ideas and advice in mind, more of your child's innocence and cuteness will translate through to their photographs.

Tips for Capturing Your Baby's Cuteness:

  • You are much taller than the baby; therefore, bring yourself down to their eye level. There are numerous reasons to do this
    • Your pictures will have a baby's perspective
    • Distortion will be minimized
    • If the baby can see you, there is a greater chance for eye contact, attention, and expression
  • You can try to capture natural expressions or posed expressions. If going for natural expressions, try to make yourself invisible and wait until the baby is involved with something else -not looking at the camera.
  • Timing
  • Consider using a telephoto lens occasionally so that the baby or child is completely unaware of your presence. This will often result in the most natural looking photographs.

These are just a few tips for taking some candid cute baby pictures. So go out and take adorable baby photos for all the world to see.

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